About OPgamers

About OPgamers

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The Breakdown for All You Noobs

The OPgamers TV show is a weekly comedic, segmented entertainment show that highlights the funniest and most epic moments in video games, taped in front of a studio audience. Currently slated for 36 episodes per year, OPG is hosted by Eddie Mady alongside two cast members (Heather Piverotto and Jon Jimenez), Female DJ Romi Lux and featured guests. Our guests will be game obsessed celebrities and notable (sometimes notorious) gamers.

From OPG’s comedic monologue, hilarious sketches and colorful cast commentary on funny or epic video gaming clips, 1 clip will be crowned “OPclip of the Week” each episode. “OPclip of the week" winners will receive a $1000 Gaming gift card and be automatically entered into our season finale grand prize. The Grand prize winner will be dubbed “OPclip of the Year” and will receive a $10,000 Dream Cave package consisting of a 4k TV, surround sound system, game systems, games, game accessories, OPG swag and more.

Don't Forget to Check us out Online!

Some viewers will be lucky enough to join us in live streams and actually play along: exploring vast planets in Destiny, dancing the night away in Just Dance, raid in World of Warcraft, or goof around with us in GTAV. Live stream viewers will also have to chance to win various prizes from OPG in many creative ways.

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